Alexandra C. Cojocariu

Teaches the art of:

Salsa & Bachata 

Alexandra Cristina Cojocariu is a Romanian dancer who has had the passion for dance since she was 7 years old. She has over 15 years of experience in Ballroom & Latin American style dance competitions. 


The dance journey led her to become an award winning Latin American and Ballroom professional dancer.



Tomomi Aramaki.

Teaches the art of:


Tomomi has been trained in classical ballet and jazz dance since 1986 and began her contemporary dance career since 1998. She joined Natural Dance Theatre in Japan 1998 to 2011, and performed in different platform and different counties, including domestic tour in more than 40 cities in Japan.




Graciela Pischner

Teaches the art of:

Belly Dance 

Graciela Pischner works as a model since 1997, she has studied acting in Brazil with an emphasis in film and TV. 

In 2003 she fell in love with the art of Belly Dancing. She started for fun with her Lebanese Teacher Guilda Mattar, from whom she learned  belly dancing techniques and traditional Arab musicality.  Since then she never stopped studying and taking classes from many different teachers with different techniques

Lana Fahmi

Teaches the art of:

Contemporary Dance

Lead artist, Principal dancer and Choreographer at Sima Dance Company from 2007 until present Lana Fahmi was born in 1987 in Damascus, Syria. She started training with Sima Dance Company in 2007 and soon after that joined as a lead dancer in the company’s original performances and productions.